Let me start right off by saying, I am a lover of Jesus. That's mostly all. There's nothing really remarkable about me. It's just that this One I love has so awed me that I can't help sharing it. Ever since I was a little girl He had been stirring desires deep in me to know Him more. The road He led me on slowly drew me closer and closer to His heart until one day He sat me down in front of the crashing waves of the ocean and told me He loved me way more than I could ever comprehend and that His love was as limitless as the sea stretching into eternity before me. Something clicked in my heart and ever since I've been on an even deeper pursuit to know Him and love Him in each second of every day. My happiest moments are when He and I can talk for hours. There's something about it that can't compare to anything else in the world. It's those moments that have defined who I am. It's in those hours that I learn the lessons I share here. Those moments are my life and from them flows so much happiness and peace that it lights up all the rest.


The other thing that gets me excited is serving kids. I took my Masters in Biblical Counseling and then spent some of the best months of my life working as an assistant girls dean at Weimar academy for a year which totally confirmed my love for counseling kids on a day to day basis and being involved in all the big and little things of their lives. I just recently moved to Monterey Tennessee to work as the Girl's Dean and teach Bible at Heritage Academy and I couldn't be more excited for the opportunity He is giving me to be involved with young lives again on a day to day basis


Random facts about me? I'm an INFJ (for those of you personality nerds-- yes I am one too). I love listening-- hearing what is going on underneath the surface in hearts around me, baking, quiet walks, deep conversations, music, writing, and finding the beauty in everyday life. Oh, and I'm 22.

I don't know exactly where God is taking me on this journey of life or who I'll be in a year's time but I know that He has promised that with Him there are no limits. And so I keep walking because He's promised to take me deeper than my feet can ever wander, and that's what I want most.

Read along and join me?

© 2020 by Hannah Rayne