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Attitude not Circumstance

Yeah, so it's that time of year where school is starting and quiet summer days are coming to an end and sometimes we can start to feel this wave of overwhelming busyness wash over us. And if you're anything like me you can start to think that quietness and peace are for a different phase in life with different circumstances.

Funny how we think that at every stage... that somehow it is in a different one that we will live fully and peacefully.

I pray and He says it gentle... "The reality is that the quiet in your life is not determined by the outer circumstances of your life but the inner attitude of your heart."

Hello. Of course.

I won't have a peaceful life because everything in my life is peaceful. It won't be. Ever. This isn't heaven yet. But I can have a peaceful life if my heart is always at rest because it is simply obeying Jesus.

Maybe it's time to breathe, count blessings, look long at the sunset, pace the porch whispering prayers under stars, snap pictures, and amble down the path along the creek in morning light to hear His voice. Maybe it's time to stop trying to manage every little bit of my day and start simply living it.

Because who knows how many more moments we have? Why would we want to let this one drift by with us stressed and overwhelmed when we could be peaceful and fully present to enjoy all His gifts?

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