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Comparison and Beauty

Yeah, so somehow I think our generation has imperceptibly allowed society to alter our view of what is beautiful. We've slipped into believing that unless we are a certain weight, height, or body shape, we aren't valuable. Magazine covers, movies, and the media display celebrities whose appearance doesn't match our own and before we know it, we're throwing a pity party about how ugly we are in comparison.

Maybe that's the thing though. Maybe we weren't made for comparison. Maybe God didn't create us to be second rate versions of celebrities or whoever we think is superior to us. Maybe we were each created to be uniquely beautiful.

I wonder how often we start our workout or dieting plans for the wrong reasons. It's not about trying to be thin enough, muscular enough, you-name-it enough. It's not about going through all our days thinking that when we finally look like (fill in the blank) we'll be worth something.

You are already valuable, treasured, beautiful. Period. You don't have to weigh a certain figure or have a certain hair or skin color. God made you to be you. Not a clone of someone else. And He didn't make you second rate. No matter what you think the mirror tells you.

Maybe it's time to start looking in the mirror differently. Not to pick out our flaws or compare ourselves to others. Not to criticize. But to see as Jesus sees. To appreciate our individuality. To say thank you to the one who formed us, instead of convincing ourselves He could have done better.

So yeah, go running. Lift weights. Eat healthy. But do it because you are thankful for what you have already been given and you want to be the best version of you possible. For Him. Not so you can become enough. Not so you can be someone else.

Because if we're not content now with who He's made us to be, who's to say we ever will be?

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