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Every Part of Every Day

Crazy days have morphed into quieter ones and I once again have enough time to have more frequent deep conversations with Jesus. Today we talked again about saying yes. In all circumstances.

I realize again that we take life into our own hands so easy. We start to reason through our responses and reactions to life and somehow think that we have the prerogative to make little decisions ourselves because maybe He wouldn't really have much to say on those anyway. And yeah, life is made up of little decisions, so before we know it, we're basically doing it all ourselves.

But what if by doing so, we miss a certain beauty of closeness with Him? What if He wanted to be involved in what texts we send, what work we do in a day, what our reaction is to little stresses?

Yeah I know what goes through our mind. We're not sure if we want to give Him that much control. But what if it isn't about control, but actually wanting Him involved in everything because He's our best Friend?

I'm still learning (yeah, you guessed it... by trial and error) but the more I let Him be involved and say yes to His every wish, the sweeter this road becomes.

And I have to wonder... what if we didn't just talk about doing every single part of every day with Him? What if we did it?

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