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So yeah, I'm probably not the only one who has ever let other's expectations start to control who I think I'm supposed to be. It seems to happen pretty easy in our society.

We think that to fit in we have to be more outgoing or cool or active. You name it. The standard we think we have to reach always ends up being something we think everyone else is and we are not. We subconsciously start trying to conform to those standards and slowly our own souls start to die.

What if we had this whole expectation thing mixed up? What if we were never meant to be governed by other's expectations? What if it wasn't ever about being clones of each other?

God has expectations to. That we will live free. That we will be the unique person He created us to be. That we'll fall in love with Him and make the most of living our little lives.

What if we started cutting the ties of the expectations we have been bound by and started living by the ones we were made for? What if we stopped doing things because we thought we had to and started living the life we were created to live? What if we took stock of our lives and started saying no to the things that bind us? What if we realized the only expectations worth living by were the ones of our best Friend?

Maybe we'd find the life we were meant to live. Maybe we'd realize it's ok to be different from the masses and be the unique heart He made us to be.

Maybe it's only when we start living what He expects that we'll learn what it means to be the generation for such a time as this. And maybe it's only then we'll be able to do the work He created us to do.

Which means that yeah, maybe He can't come back until then.

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