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Forever Friendship

Sometimes I think we get this idea that living in forever friendship with God means that we never fall or make mistakes. Almost as if a friendship with the most High is an instant hop into perfection.

Well, yeah. You know as well as I do that that doesn't actually work in real life and is practically a recipe for discouragement.

My fingers typed fast as I asked Him about it in my journal today... Because how can I invest my everything into a friendship that is meant to be forever when I know I'm just going to get confused and fall flat on my face sometime down the road?

His answer was simple but profound. Forever friendship isn't just about the times when we live happily ever after. It's about the times we're flat on our face in the mud. It doesn't stop when we fall. It doesn't end when we loose perspective. My Jesus doesn't give up that easy.

In fact, maybe there is a depth and beauty that is only found when we're lying on our face in the mud, disgusted at ourselves and our frequent mistakes. What if friendship could actually go a level deeper there? What if Love can only reach certain parts of our hearts when we are at our lowest?

So yeah, maybe it's not about walking perfectly but simply holding on to His hand even when we are beaten down and confused. Maybe then we'll find a depth we didn't know existed on the mountaintop.

He whispers it gentle (for the thousandth time) I'm finally starting to believe it...

"We are forever even if you mess up. Even if you loose perspective. I don't give up on my kids that easy..."

Oh am I ever glad You don't... This is love.

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