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Give Him a Chance

I've always wondered what a friendship with God could become if we really went deeper everyday. What would it be like if we actually let Him do everything He wanted in our hearts?

The last few weeks He's been teaching me a deeper level of surrender... to let Him take the things that send me into a panic. I'm not sure I ever realized I was so driven by worry until I started to let Him have every last little thing. That's when it started to hit me. This closeness to Him goes as deep as I let it go.

When He asks me to stop worrying and I say yes and allow Him into the part of my heart that I'd been trying to control, we go deeper. When He asks me to explain my panicking heart to Him and I do so without reserve, our hearts are bound together. But only if I give Him a chance.

That's the thing. We so often complain that God isn't real or close to us, but have we let Him be? Or do we hold Him at arm's length by lack of surrender and then moan at the distance?

Maybe if we gave Him the time of day we'd find that the distance between heaven and earth would diminish. Maybe we'd taste heaven on earth.

Thing is, my Jesus never forces. He leaves the choice up to us.

That said, something tells me He's on the edge of His seating desperately waiting for us to give Him a chance. Why wouldn't we?

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