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Is He Enough?

I think everyone likes attention... at least a incy wincy little bit. Sure, maybe not everyone likes to be the one in the spotlight (yeah, me neither) but we all want to be seen and known to some degree. Far too often though, we hope to be seen by those around us and forget that we already are seen by God.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "I know I'm seen by God. But I just want to be seen by a living, breathing human being..." I hear you.

We want to hear applause when we fight and win our battles. We want our victories and our longings to be noticed.

Sometimes though, God brings us to a season where He alone sees the battles we fight and the victories we win. Sometime our cheering audience consists of only One-- the most high God.

And far too often it is right then that we complain. And really, I have to stop and wonder why.

Is an audience of One not enough? Is He not enough?

Maybe we need to take a quiet moment in the cool of the day to consider who we are living for.

Because if God is not enough, I have to ask myself, what would be?

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