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Live Your Calling Anyway

Sometimes we think that to make a difference in the world we have to be popular and noticed.

There's something about the being known and followed that seems grand and attractive while the quiet work of touching hearts while no one sees somehow seems inferior. Truth is, it's not about the pizazz of being the popular one. It's not even so much about what we do as it is why we do it.

Real world changers aren't out for the pats on the back and faces turned their way. That's not why they serve. They serve because they have a passion for it. They love, not to be noticed but because they love to love. They live their lives to the full and give life their all even when it seems they have been sidelined and others crowned king of the show.

They're world changers, not because it's a cool thing to do, but because their convictions run so deep that they cannot help it.

Some of them are never noticed here. Their love and efforts are never acknowledged and praised. But they keep on because they know that One does see and know. To Him, they are the real jewels... the real stars of the show.

So yeah. You may not feel like the greatest thing since sliced bread today. Live your calling anyway. You will change more of the world than you know.

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