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Fast Food Christianity

We live in a world of instants... Fast food restaurants. Entertainment at our fingertips. Internet that will take us most anywhere in a second. Texting. We're used to everything happening right away.

Some things, though, can't be done quickly. And yeah, most of the time, we're pretty slow to figure that out. We think we can rush into God's presence and get instant relief and then run back out again and carry on with our own life. Like it works that way.

Whatever happened to long and deep conversations with God? Like Abraham gazing up at stars at night and talking to his Friend for hours. Or Enoch taking weeks in the mountains to delve deep into conversation with God. Or John the Baptist living in the wilderness and literally doing life with just one friend-- his God.

But somehow we think we can schedule God into our spare moments. We think a five minute (sometimes five second?) prayer is enough. And then we read our Bibles and wonder why we don't have the spiritual power of those men.

Umm, hello.

What if we stopped trying to put Him into our boxes and opened ourselves up to long conversations with God that aren't controlled by our schedules? What if we decided to trade five minute prayers for hard and holy conversations with Jesus?

Maybe then we'd find something other than fast food Christianity? And maybe then the world would actually take stock and notice that we have something different and that we've been with Jesus.

Because we have.

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