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Of Hurricanes and Heaven

So often my life and thought patterns resemble a hurricane... yeah, probably not the best thing. But you know how easy it is to get wound up (even if that includes no outward demonstration) without even intending to?

Lately He's been calling me to complete peace and quiet. To lay down all the little things I allow to destroy my peace and keep Him always as the King of my heart. It's been the most beautiful thing. I had no idea there was such a peace of heart possible in the arms of Jesus. That such a peace can be maintained every moment of every day.

I want this always. I want to run to Him every minute of every day for the rest of my life.

And He smiles and whispers "yes." Because I am the only limiting factor. And I smile back because as long as I say yes, this is forever.

This world may be falling apart. It may be crazy. But this. This is heaven on earth. Jesus, you are heaven. You are home.

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