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Quiet Corners

Dear weary heart,

Sometimes we all have this aching deep down that we're never going to be as close to God as we want... that's it is not possible for us to ever walk with God like Enoch. I hear you. I find myself wondering the same more often than I'd like to admit. This morning I pulled up Day One (best journal app ever for IOS) on my computer and typed my admittance to God that once again, I wasn't sure how to be friends with Him. His response was simple.

Today I may not see or feel what I've felt in days past but it doesn't change it's reality. Best friends don't always feel a burning affection for the other, but that is no proof that the friendship is not deep and strong. Our inability to always feel God right beside us is not proof that He is not there. His promise is more reliable than our senses. Maybe staying in love is more about believing than seeing.

Perhaps for today it all comes down to this...

Believe in the invisible. And then open our eyes because we might find that it becomes visible after all.

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