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Recipe to Thriving

Sometimes we think there is no way in the world we can do what God is asking us to do. That's it too hard. Too out of our comfort zone. Too much for someone as small as us. Yeah, I hear you. But you know what I'm learning? If we are simply willing to go wherever He sends us, and not one single other place in the entire universe-- we will be given the strength. 100% guaranteed.

Not just the strength to survive. The strength to thrive.

I wondered at that once. A friend was sharing how she was thriving in her new environment and part of me felt discouraged because I wasn't thriving and I wasn't sure if I'd ever feel like I was.

You know what I learned? Say yes to where God had placed me. Even though it didn't feel good.

And yeah, you guessed it. I learned to thrive right there. Right in that place I thought I never could.

Your current situation may feel mundane and hard. But let me tell you... if God has placed you there, you can thrive. Right there. No matter what. And if He hasn't, I suggest you ask Him where He wants you and run there as quick as you can.

Because there is nothing in all the world like thriving because you're in the center of God's will.

Even when that's hard.

Really, it's simple. Go where He sends you. Or stay where's He's put you. And don't just do it with your feet. Do it with your heart.

That's the recipe to thriving.

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