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Stand Up

Sometimes we let the devil treat us like we are this flimsy little toy he can throw around at will. He whispers doubt and fear into our mind and we flat out panic just like he was hoping for. He whispers that we're never going to learn and we believe him as if it was straight truth.

Sure, we don't do it all of the time. But we do it way too much of the time.

In all honesty, the devil is a bully and he will push us around if we give him half a chance. But the beautiful thing is that we don't have to. Ever.

We aren't left to the deviousness of this bully because we have the strongest Friend the universe has ever known and He's not about to watch His kids get bullied by His enemy.

In the end it's up to us though. Because He won't force the devil away if we're perfectly content to let him bully us. He can only rescue us when we ask for it.

Don't let the devil pull you down tonight. Don't let him steal your peace. Stand tall and shout to the heavens that you are eternally safe because you have the strongest Protector the world has ever known.

Because you do.

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