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Why I Have More Than Enough Time

Sometimes I wonder when we transitioned from the carefreeness of childhood to the rushed and hurried lives we live as teens and adults. It seems like every year we get busier... we say we have more to get done, and yet somehow we're always still behind.

For years I'd been one of the people who had an everlasting "to do" list, or so it felt. I had high aspirations of what I wanted to get done, and when I wanted it done by. When I was in grade school that meant I was always trying to see how soon I could have the school year done. I even remember writing myself out a whole schedule of how I was going to get 7th grade done in four months. But for some reason, I always felt behind. I could never get it all done... and often, that really frustrated me.

And then, last year I found myself too sick to do anything for months on end. All my "to do" lists had to be laid down. And now, on the other side of my illness, I found my incessant drive to get to that "to do" list a little dampened. At first I worried that I was loosing my ambition. I'm now realizing that God had a lot more in mind.

I mean, when did we stop seeing life as a journey and start thinking it was a race to see who can get to the end first?

When did we stop recognizing the treasure of now?

And more importantly, how did our "to do" lists become so important that we feel too busy to give God our best?

I've told myself the lie a million times... "I don't have time."

But then, when was the last time you heard a little child complaining of a lack of time? And don't we have the same twenty four hours as them?

Maybe it's a matter of priorities. Of not being so controlled by that "to do" list. Maybe it's about figuring out what really matters.

Because really, we only have one life to live. And I don't want to spend it constantly rushing to the next thing.

I think we all intuitively know that God should be the very top of our priority list... But how many of us really live like He is?

As one of my favorite quotes states...

"God gave us time. And who has time for God? Which makes no sense."

If my God is the one I think He is... the One who breathes out stars... who speaks mountains into existence... how can I think that He will fit into the tiny spaces of my day that I squeeze out for Him? How can it do Him justice?

And how can I think that I will know His presence when all I give Him is a fleeting thought here and there?

So yeah, I've started seeing time in a new way. The work will never go away, but this moment will.

Not to say that the work is not important... but to say that God in this moment is more important than the work will ever be.

Maybe true ambition is not how much I can get done in this little life, but how much of God's presence I can recognize... how much of the almighty God I can know.

So I'll stop to see the sunrise... to head for the woods in the crisp morning air to tell Him good morning ... to pause for a lingering look at the bouquet of flowers in the kitchen... to write a line or two in my journal of gratitude for a God who's always there...

Because I can have as much of Him or as little of Him as I choose.

There is no limit.

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