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Sometimes I think we hang onto things in our lives too tightly. We grasp and we strain and we struggle because we think that letting go will mean the deepest darkness. But sometimes letting go is exactly what He is asking us to do.

Life was never meant to be lived with hands tightly shut and grasping onto what feels like the last threads we have. We were meant to live with our heart and hands wide open to the love of a God who knows best how to make us happy. Sometimes that means He takes away. Sometimes that means He gently takes the broken dreams and treasures out of our hands. And yeah, we might sit and cry for a bit because that's all we thought we ever had. But He's not done. He takes away and then He gives even more richly than we could have imagined before... and sometimes that gift is simply the peace that we experience in the breaking.

The life of true beauty is not the life that never sees pain. It's the life that opens up and feels the deepest of joy and the deepest of hurt because it knows that all pass through the same gentle hands. That soul can throw their arms wide open to the sky because there is nothing that will come that has not already been planned for good.

So yeah. When God comes and asks for your treasures... don't fight Him. Let Him take them.

Either He will give them back in ways you never imagined or He will give you even brighter ones. Or just maybe He will give you the best gift of all... A deeper oneness with Himself which is only found in the depths of pain and surrender.

Maybe the freest, sweetest life is the life that tastes the most sacrifice-- willingly.

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