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Believe in the Invisible

Sometimes there are no answers to the questions that nag at our hearts. Mist covers the path ahead and our eyes can't see the future and our hearts can't feel His love. We know all the words in the book but somehow our own struggles feel far more tangible.

What then? Are we left with no option but to sit and wait for the mist to pass while we idle the days away in deadness of heart?

Actually maybe it's exactly when every inch of our path is shrouded in fog that we are given the opportunity to rise up in faith and believe the words in that book even though we don't feel them. Perhaps it is the very moment when God feels furthest away that we are to reach out and grab His hand by faith and hold it with a tighter grip than ever before.

Isn't that what the heroes of faith did after all? Could they have been given that title anyway if they had not walked through days of fog and determined that those were the very days they would cling to the promises even tighter?

Yeah, I know that some days we don't feel it. Our prayers seem to hang empty in the air and He doesn't feel like He's there. I have my share of those too... (like this morning?). But you know what He encouraged me to do? Believe anyway.

And you know what happens every single time? When I really believe the invisible it becomes visible right before my eyes. Because we see what we believe in.

We might have to reach through the fog to grasp a Hand we can't discern, but when we do we will find it was right there waiting for us all along.

The invisible is only such to those who don't have faith to see beyond what their eyes see naturally.

Come mist, come cloud, come storm... if we have cling to faith, heaven can never remain invisible. Never.

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