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When was the last time you laid aside all distractions and went and did something special, just you and Jesus? I don't mean reading your Bible while checking Snapchat between verses or praying while thinking about all the things you have to get next time you go to town. I mean, a date with just you and Jesus for the purpose of connecting with each other in a deeper way than happens in our day to day routines.

Today was one of those for me. It's my day off work and I couldn't resist the longing to use my time for some kind of adventure with Jesus. I decided to explore one of the trails in the beautiful wilderness here in CA and lay aside all my work related thoughts and just enjoy His companionship.

As we walked and He and I talked, I was amazed at how refreshing it was to step out of my normal routine and do something special with Him. Not only did it help me get my focus back on track, but He inspired me to aim for heights I hadn't even thought about for months.

And that's when it hit me... why don't I do this more often? Why doesn't anyone talk about doing this? Why is it such a novel idea to make time for a date with Jesus?

We talk about serving other, following His laws, and completely relinquishing sin... And we should. Really, we should talk about them a whole lot more than we do.

But why do we neglect to talk about making space in our schedules for special outings with Jesus? Why don't we go on adventures with Him, purely because we want a deeper connection? Why does that sound so unusual?

Maybe we will only find the power to serve others, follow His law, and completely relinquish sin when we are actually willing to make time in our schedules for dates with Jesus.

Because really, I don't think our generation's biggest lack is knowledge of the right, but lack of motivation to do it. Motivation comes from love. Love is born in friendship. And friendship comes from moments spent together.

So yeah... I'm looking at my schedule and clearing more time for adventures with God this year.

And if you want my suggestion, I'd say maybe we should do this together as a generation.

Because it only takes one generation who has fallen so deeply in love with His heart that they follow every bidding to enable Him to come back. And that could be us.

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