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No Impossibilities

Let me guess that I'm not the only the devil has kidded that it is impossible to live every single day as best friends with Jesus?

You know those days when you trip up and get distracted with work or school or traveling or just randomly texting a friend and forget to give Him your best? Yeah, well sometimes we can have several months of those in a row and that's when the devil comes in and says there is no way to pray without ceasing and there is no way to love Him most in every circumstance.

And for some reason, instead of blocking our ears, we listen. And the more times we fall and he starts on his rant, the more believable it starts to sound. Sure, we wouldn't claim that friendship with God is impossible, but deep down we're not sure that WE can be best friends with Him every single day.

So this morning in quiet moments of talking to Jesus it dawned on me that is was this very lie that had stolen so much of the joy I'd tasted in friendship with Jesus. Because if the devil can convince me it is impossible for me to live every single day as best friends with God, why would I try?

This morning He countered the lie and renewed my belief that it is never impossible to be best friends with Him. No matter how many times I've failed Him. No matter how distracted I have gotten. No matter how many times I have tried to remember His words and somehow ended up listening to the enemy's instead. The impossibility lay only in my belief that it was impossible.

So yeah, I don't know what the devil has been screaming in your ears lately, but tonight, just let him know that you're having none of all his nonsense about impossibilities.

Because the only thing impossible is for your God to ever give up wanting to be your friend. And as long as you say yes, there is no power on earth that can pull you from being best friends with Omnipotence.

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