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Of Beaches and Trenches

So the first week of the new year is almost over and sometimes we all just want to run off to a tropical beach and escape all the responsibility we face in the grind of the work week.

Let's just say that was me today. I whispered it to Him as I poured another cup of tea to soothe my burning throat thanks to the flu that's had me in bed the last few days. I told Him that I really just wanted to go sit on a beach somewhere and be with Him.

He smiled and whispered in His still small voice that He'd like that too, but right now He needed me here. I knew He was right, so I crawled back in bed to catch a few more hours of rest before my next assignment.

It was then that the music playing on my iPhone started to sink into my consciousness...

"My house is full, but My field is empty

Who will go and work for Me today

It seems My children all want to stay around My table

But no one wants to work My field."

I don't want to be the child who stays at the table all year when there's work to do in the field. Sure, there's this part for me that would love to sit and watch the waves crash on the beach but really, I just want to be where He needs me most.

We start the year with so many plans of what we want, but maybe it's time to be perfectly content with whatever He wants. Sometimes that might be sitting at His table, or resting on a beach somewhere, and other times that might be serving in the trenches.

But you know what struck me today? If we love Jesus best it won't matter whether we are relaxing on the beach or fighting in the trenches as long as we have Him with us.

Because the greatest heroes don't have supernatural strength and never want a break. They simply love Him so much that they are perfectly content to be wherever He points.

I take another sip of my tea and return to work with a smile because today, He needs me in His field. And this Hand that cares for the sparrows? He's well able to let me rest at His table when He knows I need it most.

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