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I settle down in the sun, back leaning against a tall ponderosa and mind soaring to converse with the One I love. It is only after I've been there for awhile that I notice the dates on the gravestones around me.

I read and all of a sudden it strikes me that these are not the graves of men who have faded from old age into peaceful sleep. These are men who still had twenty or thirty years ahead of them. Men who were killed because they believed in something enough to fight for it. Men who lived a life that was anything but ordinary.

My mind wanders and I see them fighting, wounded, taking their last breath. I see their families heartbreak at hearing of the lives cut short... of living decades without them.

It's then that I realize that the thread of longing that He has been touching in my heart is becoming a chain that is pulling me higher... Because yeah, I can live an ordinary life and just follow suit of the way too much of our generation lives and maybe I will have an uncontradicted life and fade from old age to peaceful slumber with hardly a finger lifted against me.

But deep down, I know that is not what I really want.

I look at the grave stones around me and I know that I too want to stand up and fight for what I believe in. I too want to live a life that is not popular even if that means that bullets (tangible or intangible) are sent my direction.

I'm not content to sit back and settle with twenty percent of the companionship with God that we were intended to have. I want a hundred percent. And I want it for my generation.

So yeah, I'll fight... for all of Jesus in my life, for all of Him in the lives of my kids, my peers, and my friends. And if one day my heart is stopped because it is deemed to beat too out of sync with the opposing side, I will give thanks that He taught it just a little about beating in sync with His.

For now, thank you Veteran Norman for not being content with an ordinary life and reminding me that I am not either.

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