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Love that Changes the World

Sometimes we forget... or at least I do. True love is strongest power in the universe.

It's stronger than hate. It doesn't run away at the first sight of a scowl. It doesn't flee in the face of rejection. It doesn't crumble when assaulted by cruelty. It doesn't even evaporate when ignored.

It's not that love doesn't feel these things. It's very nature is sensitive and it feels the slights of others keenly but it triumphs over them by giving more of itself in return.

When love discovers an obstacle, it doesn't give up. Instead it melts the obstacle and continues on it's way with even more power. And if that obstacle takes a thousand years to melt? That's ok. Love is patient like that.

Love is not caught up in it's own desires or preservation. It looks beyond itself to the needs of others and finds it's greatest delight in satisfying them. It would give it's own life a hundred times over rather than see it's object be ruined. The only remuneration it desires is a healing heart where once was brokenness.

While love is the gentlest and most sensitive force in the universe, it is not weak. It is not afraid to confront if it is for the best good of another. Love would rather cause temporary pain by cutting to the heart of an issue than take no action for the sake of comfort and watch it's object be destroyed.

True love is humble. It takes responsibility for it's own actions and never blames others. It never puts others down or excuses itself by the behavior of others. Love races to be the first to apologize-- the first to make restitution.

Love always assumes the best of others and puts an honest but positive construction on others actions. It never gossips or defames. If it must speak hard words it does it in private instead of in front of a crowd.

This love doesn't just exert it's power on those it deems popular or appealing. It is given freely to all. And everything it comes in contact with-- it transforms.

It turns the most degraded wretches into men and women of honor. It changes prisoners to princes and beggars to believers.

This love is the most powerful force that has ever existed. Indeed, it is this love that changes the world.

It's the truest love that our God has given to us. It's this He asks us to give away.

Oh Jesus, give me this love. Let me love the world like this. Like you.

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